The Dark Horse - Spoon SW388
In 1997 Spoon released the world’s lightest aluminium wheels. Developed with help from Desmond Corporation the weight of 3.88kg was achieved and the SW388 was born.
The distinctive design quickly became an icon in the Honda tuning world. The wheels were only produced from 1997 – 2005 where production was promptly stopped as Desmond closed its doors.
With nearly two decades passed we are pleased to announce the return of the legend.
Made entirely in Japan The wheels include an upgraded recessed hub side mounting face, a superior anodized matte black finish, and are FULLY MACHINE FORGED for optimal strength and weight.

What's up with the hub side recess? To increase the hub and wheel's attaching strength, the inside surface of the hub has an arch that creates a place where weights can be applied naturally and outward. This enables the hubs and knuckles to absorb shock loads. Another purpose of the design is to keep the lug nuts from becoming loose.