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GReddy V Layout Intercooler Kit M/C front full kit (2~3type)- Mazda RX-7 1993-1996 (FD3S)

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Originally, this product was designed for cooling of the intercooler to be for 0-400 runs, but considering the high performance cornering of FD3S, it shows its real potential on the circuit. The V layout kit was developed with power and cooling balance in mind. This layout focusses on radiator cooling, meaning you don’t have to worry about cooling and can focus instead on your time attack.

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Mount angle

The mounting angle was designed for efficient air flow while driving.


Inter cooler piping layout

Considering aero bonnet piping layout. Late spec full kit are particular about considering air flow area by fitting ELBO. Radiator and intercooler attached layout. Make efficient air flow comes from bumper air intake.


Airflow plate

It includes and air flow plate to the Radiator and intercooler Cooling efficiency is improved by minimal loss of airflow coming from the openings in the bumper.


Fresh air intake layout.

The air filter is positioned as far to the front as possible so as not to be affected by engine heat. It uses the AIRINX B for a great balance of intake efficiency and dust collecting ability.