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SPC Performance Adjustable Control Arms - G37/370Z

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This pair of patented adjustable front upper control arms will give ±4° camber and ±4° caster change. SPC arms match the OE design for clearance so you can get up to +2° camber change without fender well interference. If more positive change is needed use the included +2° camber shims for fixed change and dial in the rest with your arms. The rubber isolated xAxis™ sealed flex joints retain OE bushing values (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness - NVH), while providing the handling qualities of a mono-ball. Optimized geometry and high strength forged steel components make this the strongest adjustable arm on the market today. Whether you want a cambered stance, improved handling, or to minimize tire wear, this is the best arm for you.

• Most camber and caster adjustability on the market
Greater than ±4° Camber and ±4° Caster
• Best clearance of any adjustable control arm
• Turnbuckle adjusters for easy on car alignment
• High strength forged steel components
• Optimized geometry reduces stresses to pure tension and compression for maximized strength and minimized weight
• xAxis™ Sealed Flex Joints with rubber isolation at the inner bushing
• Sealed ball joint with high polished ball for extended wear

• Set your camber and caster where you want it for
Look “Cambered” appearance
Driving style Improved handling and cornering
Tire wear Adjust angles to minimize tire wear
• Up to +4° of camber change without inner fender well contact
• Easy to adjust
• Sealed joints means no corrosion or contamination in the joints
• Retain factory Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH) ­values but gain handling quality of a mono-ball with xAxis™ sealed flex joint isolated by OE style bonded rubber bushing.

Adjustment range: Camber ±4.0° Caster ±4.0°
Installation time: 1.8 hr/side
Required: 1 per axle
Recommended Tool: 8370 - Puller

US Patent #9,751,370
Check out our installation video for this part

Easily repair/replace the boot on this arm - check out our installation video.