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SPC Performance Nylon Negative Camber Shim - 99-05 VW Golf/Jetta/00-06 Audi TT

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With these shims you can correct both rear camber and rear toe on newer Volkswagens and Audis. By combining the shims (two may be used on each wheel) you can get up to ±1.0° camber change and up to ±.50° toe change. Our wrench (87530) is a must when installing these shims. It allows you to remove the brake tone ring, bearing, seal and hub assembly as one unit.

Part No. / Change
71530 / +.50°
71531 / +1.00°
71532 / -.50°
71533 / -1.00°

Rear Adjustment range: Camber ±.50° to ±1.00°
Installation time: .5 hr/side
Required: 1 shim per wheel/ per angle changed
Recommended Tools: 87530 - VW Shim Wrench

NOTE: When installing these shims it is recommended that you use our VW Shim Wrench (P/N 87530) to assist in removing the rear hub.

CAUTION: Check brake & rotor clearance for binding. 75970 spacers may be required.