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SPC Performance Rear Camber Kit - 10+ Taurus / 01+ Explorer

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Adjust rear camber on many non-adjustable Ford and Lincoln models with SPC's patented EZCam™ Bolt. Simply replace the rear upper control arm to knuckle bolt with SPC's bolt and get ±0.75° of camber adjustment to bring your vehicle back into specification. SPC uses a hex chromate free finish and offers a 700hr salt spray test for the best corrosion protection available.

Rear Adjustment range: Camber ±0.75°
Installation time: .4 hr/side
Required: 1 per wheel

US Patent Nos. 8,544,861 B2 • 8,469,375 B2 • 10,450,005 • D783,393
China Patent No. ZL 201630012294.X