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The ideal body structure advocated by SPOON is "rigid body".

The newly developed "Motion Control Beam" controls the rigidity of the front and rear ends of the body, which is most twisted during running, with a damper with a special structure, so that it can be turned during cornering and in street use. It is a product that improves comfort and quality.

Since the 90's, we Spoon have participated in touring car races based on commercial cars, and how to utilize the technology, knowledge and experience gained from the race without impairing the comfort and quality required for street use. We have been working on product development under the theme of

Among the body parts of SPOON born from the feedback of the race site, the most representative product is "Rigikara" released in 2007. In Rigikara, the gap between the body, subframe, and fastening bolts is filled with a specially shaped collar, and the monocoque and subframe are made rigid by firmly fastening them.

This time, we focused on "suppressing twisting at the end of the body" that occurs during cornering and "combining comfort and quality required for street use."

The "Motion Control Beam" is fastened with a damper equipped with a special friction mechanism at the front of the front reinforcement and the rear of the rear end panel.

By installing a friction type damper against the twist on the diagonal line on the body side due to load transfer, we succeeded in significantly reducing the twist of the body while ensuring a certain degree of rigidity.

Rigidity can be secured with just a normal reinforced brace, but micro-vibration will increase, but by installing this friction type damper, the micro-vibration is absorbed and a high-quality ride without clutter is realized.

"Motion control beam" is a simple structure of high repulsion spring and friction plate.

For the twist of the body that occurs when cornering, a large input works in the direction that the high repulsion spring suppresses the twist in the same way as the brace.

On the other hand, for small inputs, the elastic force of the friction plate finely suppresses twisting.

By controlling this non-constant twist input separately, it has become possible to perform a wide range of suppression.
Remarks & special notes
<The viewpoint of "rigid body" that raises the basic performance of the car, which Spoon

pays attention to> "Rigikara" is a product that brings out the dynamic performance that the vehicle originally has, but "Motion Control Beam" controls the twist of the end of the body. However, it is a product developed from a different point of view, which is as light as you want and reduces discomfort caused by vibration.

By installing it at the same time, you can reproduce a high-quality ride with no unpleasant taste.

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