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Spoon Sports THERMOSTAT - Honda Civic Type R FK8

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At SPOON, we are pursuing total balance at a higher level such as ECU, suspension, body rigidity, etc., but the most important issue in sports driving and time attack is the rise in water temperature peculiar to turbo. was.

The water temperature at which the engine can exert its power most efficiently is 70 to 80 ° C, but if it rises above that temperature, a sudden power down will occur.
This is because the ECU controls the fuel increase and ignition timing retard in order to prevent knocking in the combustion chamber due to the rise in water temperature.

The low temp thermostat developed this time has a valve opening temperature of 68 ° C (genuine 78 ° C) and a fully open temperature of 81 ° C (genuine 90 ° C), which is about 10 ° C lower than the genuine thermostat. Cooling water circulates quickly in the radiator, and cooling is started before the water temperature rises to prevent power down.
Remarks & special notes
Spoon (Std) Valve opening temperature: 68 ℃ (78 ℃) Full opening temperature: 81 ℃ (90 ℃)
Note) When cruising in cold regions or highways, the warning light for low water temperature may light up. In that case, close the grill partly or attach a shutter to the front of the radiator to adjust.