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Spoon Sports Zero Bumpsteer kit – Honda Civic Type-R FK8

$400.20 $381.79
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In sports driving, etc., there is a tendency to set up in the direction of lowering the vehicle height in order to improve cornering performance. As the vehicle height decreases, the distance between the road surface and the position of the center of gravity becomes shorter, and in theory it becomes stronger against centrifugal force, but in reality the roll center also decreases, only the amount of roll generated increases, and the suspension movement Will be regulated.

Therefore, by extending the height of the lower ball joint in order to bring the angle of the lower arm closer to the state before lowering the vehicle height, the arm angle was corrected and the geometry was optimized.
Remarks & special notes
Genuine ratio + 4mm
* This product is a competition-only part and cannot be used on public roads. Please use it on a closed course such as a circuit.
* Be sure to adjust the alignment after mounting.
* SW388 18 inch 9.5J + 40 can be installed. (Depending on the size, it may interfere with the inside of the rim.)