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Motul ATF VI 1L

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  • 100% Synthetic high performance, low viscostity fluid specially engineered for current generation automatic transmissions with or without slip lock up.


  • 100% Synthetic High performance low viscosity lubricant specially engineered for modern automatic transmission (manual mode, sequential mode, electronically controlled) with or without slip lockup clutch or requiring DEXRON VI,DEXRON III or MERCON standards.


    • Standards And Manufacturer Approvals: : Refer to chart in Specification Sheet
    • Specially engineered formula, MOTUL ATF VI :
      • Allows improved fuel economy for cars fitted with automatic transmissions by reducing friction.
      • Improves automatic transmission response in cold temperatures.
      • Gives superior automatic transmission response: smoother shifts and minimizing shift time lag. - Provides anti-shudder performance to avoid vibrations on engine fly wheel.
      • Extends operating life, with better shear stability at high temperatures
      • Extreme oxidation resistance.
      • Anti-wear, anti-corrosion, anti-foam.