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Spoon Sports Aero bumper Rear – Honda Civic Type-R FK8

$2,784.00 $2,655.94


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Making full use of the know-how accumulated in racing activities and CFD analysis, we have developed it with the goal of integrating functionality and styling.
Like the front, it is a full bumper type and the material is FRP. The diffuser with a separate structure has carbon specifications and FRP specifications.

A resin grill is used in the center of the bumper to suppress the parachute effect.
In addition, the grills on both sides release the pressure inside the wheel house and exert a downforce effect due to the pressure difference. The synergistic effect with the bottom rectification effect of the diffuser maximizes aerodynamic performance.

SPOON N1 muffler kit and genuine muffler can be installed.
Remarks & special notes
● It does not support genuine tow hooks.


-FRP white gel coat finish, so painting is required.
-Since the carbon part may be discolored by ultraviolet rays, it is recommended to apply clear paint to prevent ultraviolet rays.

・ Be sure to temporarily align the products before painting.
-The product will be deformed in an environment such as a painting booth / heater, so please dry it naturally without applying heat.
・ When the temperature is low, such as in winter, or when the humidity is high, dry the product at 40 ° C or less.
・ Do not heat partially. It may cause distortion.