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Spoon Sports CARBON BONNET - Honda Civic FK7

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Compared to the FK7 genuine bonnet weight of 14.5kg, the SPOON carbon bonnet weighs 7kg, which is 52% lighter.
The biggest weak point of the 10th generation Civic is the weight of the car, especially the weight reduction of the front section not only reduces the burden of braking, but also demonstrates quick turning performance and good handling characteristics essential for sports driving.
The characteristic of successive SPOON carbon bonnets is that the genuine body shape is maintained and the design is simple.

However, the amount of heat generated by the turbo engine adopted from the 10th generation Civic this time was excessive, and it was necessary to reduce the heat in the engine room as much as possible.
Therefore, the bonnet for FK7 is not only lighter, but also has an air outlet inside the bonnet to create a shape that allows the heat in the engine room, which is peculiar to turbo engines, to escape.
By providing an air outlet in the engine room, the cooling performance of the radiator and intercooler is maximized.

Remarks & special notes
(Caution) Carbon products may be discolored by ultraviolet rays, so it is recommended to apply clear paint to prevent ultraviolet rays.

・ Be sure to temporarily align the products before painting.
-The product will be deformed in an environment such as a painting booth / heater, so please dry it naturally without applying heat.
・ When the temperature is low, such as in winter, or when the humidity is high, dry the product at 40 ° C or less.
・ Do not heat partially. It may cause distortion.